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Miracle Cleansing Herbs will introduce you to a few of the popular herbal preparations for health and healing.

Miracle Infused Booster Tea

Help to ease those with Covid-19 virus infection

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When it comes to herbs, spices and plants, there are so many benefits when using them. Especially when it comes to medical purposes. There are a wide range of herbs that come from around the world. We will showcase many popular (and not so well-known) herbs that fight everything from colds/flu upset stomach, sprains, arthritis. Kidney, bronchitis, hypertension, headaches. bladder problems, Skin disorders, jaundice, bladder, liver and dropsy. Glaucoma, diabetes, asthma, For food poisoning and upset stomach. pain to acne; for traditional use.

Remember, with any use of herbs for health purposes be sure to

  • Proceed with caution if you are allergy-prone
  • Talk to your doctor about the possible interactions between prescribed medication and herbs
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, double check that it is safe for you to use herbs, which ones and how
  • If you plan on giving herbs to a child, double check that it is safe for the age group
  • Be careful of look-alike plants as they could be poisonous.

Natural Herbs Is Good For Your Health

If It is possible, please do the necessary research to determine all the important information such as allergies and drug interactions, as it relates to the herb you contemplate using.--Miracle Cleansing Herbs

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We’re a bunch of herbal lovers that are scattered around the world, always looking for new herbs for medicinal purposes or for our herbal tea blend to steep and sip. We created our website to share our knowledge of herbs with the world, and help you find amazing new herbs for your healing & tea brewing to capture our perfection, and for you all, to get the wonderful health benefits, our herbs have to offer.

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When it comes to making tea, having the right herbs and tea maker can make the whole entire process more efficient and enjoyable.

Specialty the tea makers that feature temperature control settings which allow you to set the temperature for the type of herbs you want to brew. This ensures the best flavor possible whether your tea making involves loose herbs or tea bags. Choose from the best tea-making machines hot tea or the best-iced tea makers and start brewing the perfect herbal tea today. Pour the delightful brew into your teacups and add the sweetener of your choice ( honey is my favorite ) and sip away in your contentment mood.
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When it comes to herb packaging, proper storage is an afterthought for most customers. Keeping the herbs stored properly means prolonging all the

freshness and getting more for your buck with each cup of tea you make. While there are many different packaging options for loose herbs, with us we’ll focus on the benefits of tins or mason jars with cork lids for all our herbs. Whenever you are looking for longevity, we’ll show you a few good reasons for using herbs to make your teas with good storage.
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Are you Looking for all-natural herbs with serious health benefits? Well, we at Miracle Cleansing Herbs have the right bundle for you that has some of our favorite herbs for you to brew which is great for your health.

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Miracle Infused Booster Tea

As we all know the world as we know it will never be the same. We are faced with fighting this deadly virus called covid-19. Many have been faced with the virus or facing the loss of a loved one or two. I am not telling you I have a cure because I am not a doctor or a scientist. I am a herbalist that deals with natural herbs to help the mind body and soul. I have infused this tea that can ease the body of this virus. After I have infused all of the herbal mixture together I came up with this herbal formula that will boost and help the body to heal with ease. The tea is called Miracle Infused Booster tea Our Miracle Infused Booster Tea contains special antioxidants, thats slow down damages in cells and also known to prevent aging. A study showed that the herb is infused to make our tea bags have an antimicrobial effect, so it can prevent bacterial and viral infections in the body that causes viruses. It also helps as a body booster. Here are some of the benefits of our Miracle Infused Booster Tea bags. Our ingredients contains Ginger, Peppermint , Avocado seed powder mix with other herbal properties Benefits : Anti-Viral body Booster Anti-Inflammatory improves airflow to the lungs Improve Bronchodilator infection Promotes Alertness Improves Intestinal Function Memory Retention Elevated Mood​ Anti Fungal Properties Antibacterial Properties Virus healing Drinking Miracle Infused Booster Tea can help you improve your physical and mental performance. The nutrients contained in our tea mixture has been linked to the increase of physical and mental energy, it is ideal to drink the tea in the mornings to have all the necessary energy to start the day. It also helps lower cholesterol levels. 30 bags in package Brew 1 teabag to a cup of hot water. It is recommended to Drink when hot to fight off virus and viral infection It is used for kidney stones; viral infections & lung infection and much more. Our miracle infused booster tea, is recommended to be consumed twice a day no more than 100 ml per serving.

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Are you Overwhelmed by all the different selections of herbs from around the world? We've created a few bundles to ease you in with the basics! These kits have everything you need to make your first cup of herbal tea, from start to finish. All you need to do is pick what kind of herbs you would like for your tea and which ones you would like us to send from our menu below.

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