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Miracle Infused Booster Tea

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A study showed that the herb is infused to make our tea bags have an antimicrobial effect, so it can prevent bacterial and viral infections in the body that causes viruses. It also helps as a body booster.

Benefits :In
body Booster
improves airflow to the lungs
Improve Bronchodilator infection
Promotes Alertness
Improves Intestinal Function
Memory Retention
Elevated Mood​
Anti Fungal Properties
Antibacterial Properties
Virus healing

Drinking Miracle Infused Booster Tea can help you improve your physical and mental performance. The nutrients contained in our tea mixture has been linked to the increase of physical and mental energy, it is ideal to drink the tea in the mornings to have all the necessary energy to start the day. It also helps lower cholesterol levels.

Packaging has 30 Tea  & 20 bags )


Miracle Infused Booster Tea

20 tea bags

1 review for Miracle Infused Booster Tea

  1. Shakira Wint

    I really enjoy the tea…It really does make me feel more energized and helps with inside out…..spiritually and physically i feel much better

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